The company’s mission is to manufacture medium-heavy mechanical components with CNC mechanical work “turnkey”, offering an Italian service, but at a more competitive cost: given the transparent relationship we have with the client (which we consider Partner),we make the products in Romania with Italian materials, equipment, organization and philosophy, then we deliver them directly to theline in Italy for our customers, weekly, with our trucks.

Founded in 2002, from the decades of experience of the shareholders, it has fully Italian registered capital, being controlled by MOBI SRL of Cotignola RA, Italy, is one of the most productive Italian presences in Romania, being the most attractive on the mechanical sub-contracting market, and able to compete in the work completion, service and product quality fields with the leading companies in the market.

Located in Cluj-Napoca, capital city of Transylvania, where 7 / 10 of the Romanian GDP (comparable to that of north-eastern Italy) is produced, therefore is reachable by all international and major roads, and conveniently served by an International airport very well connected with Europe. 

Our organization and the cost of our workforce (constantly updated and qualified) allows us to offer a product of Italian quality at definitely more advantageous prices, which the usual 100 Italian price translates into a saving of 10 to 20%. In our prices is also understood that the transport cost is on our side!

Our pattern is oriented towards average-small repetitive production batches  (5 / 20 pieces per month), on products weighing from 100 to 5000 kg .
Currently, our production has stabilized at about 30/40 tons of finished product per week.

The company currently employs a structure of approximately 8,000 m2 of covered properties, organized with large managerial and technical offices, 9 production departments (planning, preparation, carpentry, welding, shot blasting, machine tools, finishing and painting), 2 quality control areas, 1 store, all up-to-date and properly equipped and able to meet the needs of quality and efficiency required by our customers.

GEMAC employs about 150 people in its own dependencies
The entire production cycle is regulated by an Internal Manual of Procedures and Quality.

Quality control is carried out with nearly 100% accuracy, both in the acceptance of raw materials phase or during the manufacturing process (with the genuine involvement of the foreman team), but also in the shipment process.

The materials we use are strictly of certified Italian origin, which we buy directly from the Italian market and import it by our trucks 2 times a week, those same trucks, still 2 times a week, delivering the finished components to our customers.
In addition we are able to ensure an efficient after-sales service in case of need, because our vehicles are travelling all across Europe on a weekly basis.



Contatto / Contact / Kontact

GEMAC S.r.l.
Str. Corneliu Coposu, 167
RO - 400228 Cluj-Napoca  (CLUJ)
Tel: +40 264 435042
Fax: +40 364 819868
Web: www.gemac.eu  
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cod Fiscal & VAT RO14557754 / Identificativo CEE RO14557754
Nr. Reg. Com. J12/648/2002
CS 61000 RON
Banca: Unicredit Tiriac Bank ROMANIA Suc. Cluj-Napoca
Società controllata da:
MOBI S.r.l. Italia